We help companies link its growth strategy with purpose driven blueprints to drive social change alongside a financial return

Through our social impact strategies, you attract more clients and investors, create a purposeful culture and employees are more engaged & motivated

Diversity For Social Impact

We link your growth strategy with a social purpose and bring more equality and sustainability to the world.

Employee Engagement

We help your employees make social, environmental and or economical impact through our customized programs.

Impact Measurement

We design social programs based on your company culture and core values with impact result reporting.

Our Mission

Create a more sustainable world and equitable society by working with business leaders who want to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and drive social change alongside a financial return.


How We Lead By Example

A part of our profit goes to our social program, the free coding bootcamp, that benefits all stakeholders involved. It contributes to the society by improving lives and economic development. Tech companies gain talent and improve diversity & inclusion. Volunteer teachers gain professional & personal growth and satisfaction in the work they do. While we build a network of potential new clients. If you work with us, a percentage of your money will be invested to this great social cause.


Why Companies Should Embrace Social Impact and Diversity & Inclusion


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  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Solve Urgent Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Problems
  • Impactful Returns
  • Importance of CSR/ESG Reporting
  • Business Value Propositions

We design and implement social impact, diversity & inclusion and environmental sustainability strategies for businesses

“Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond donation to a good cause – it’s all about getting involved both locally and internationally to make a difference. We are a for-profit organization, but giving something back is a cornerstone of our business. I want to create a better future by influencing more companies to put a social purpose at the core of their growth strategy. Together we will make a positive impact and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and beyond. Are we in this together?

Rachel Man, Founder of WemanConnect