WemanConnect Creates Innovative Social Solutions For You To Make A Profit With A Social Impact

The social responsibility of business is to use its resources and engage in social activities designed to increase its profits and make a social impact

Make A Social Impact

We are passionate about influencing companies to reach their CSR goals and bring more sustainability to the world.

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Employee Engagement

We help your employees make social, environmental and or economical impact through our customized programs.

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Impact Measurement

We design social programs based on your company culture and core values through our research with result reporting.

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How WemanConnect Leads By Example

A part of our profit goes to our social program, the free coding bootcamp, that benefits all stakeholders involved. It contributes to the society by improving lives. Tech companies gain talent and diversity & inclusion. Volunteer teachers gain professional & personal growth and satisfaction in the work they do. While, WemanConnect builds a network of potential new clients.

Why Companies Should Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We design and implement customized strategic programs to reach socially responsible goals that benefit the business and society.