How Do We Give Back?

  A percentage of our profit goes to our social program that enables underrepresented young women to reach their career potential through free coding bootcamps. Every mission starts by solving a problem, and we collaborate with local institutions with the necessary insights and expertise to develop a successful coding bootcamp. Our social mission is to improve lives and address diversity issues in the tech industry.

Technology is the future and we enhance opportunities for particularly young women from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds to be a part of that future, with the goal to bridge the gender gap in tech which is one of the biggest social problem in the tech industry. In the very near future, we hope to create more WemanConnect social programs to help other groups, such as people with disabilities, or abused children by domestic violence.

The technology boom is unstoppable; with more than five million tech jobs expected to be added by 2027 across the globe, and web developers have the highest prospects, according to a report by Cisco Systems and market intelligence firm IDC. By promoting young women into the workforce, especially in industries such as tech, would boost up the economic outlook. Education, especially for underrepresented young women, is a tool that provides the key to greater self-confidence and financial independence.

Our free coding bootcamp is a robust full-stack program for women between the ages of 20 and 30 who eagerly want to transform their lives and reach their career potential. It is open to young women from low- to mid-income, and/or vulnerable backgrounds. Through this free coding program in Guadalajara, Mexico and Belfast, Northern Ireland; we work to advance gender equality, and our students’ overall well-being and future.

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