Anything’s Possible. The art of making ‘anything possible’ is the core of our mission

When Rachel started building the free coding bootcamp on her own, she was often told that her idea was not realistic. Many software developers were skeptic about finding jobs for people without any programming knowledge prior to a 3 months coding bootcamp, even harder if they are women, they say.

Despite the obstacles along the way, she believed in her ability to succeed, not because she was confident that the idea wouldn’t fail, but because she believed that anything is possible. And once again, she has proved herself that anything is indeed possible.

Not only did Rachel made it a reality, the success went beyond her expectations. Even before the bootcamp was completed, 67% of her students had
found a job in the tech industry. With a 91.6% success rate overall, Rachel not only improved the lives of young women and bridged the gender gap in tech through her program, she also gained new clients through her program network. Her strategy works, and we are confident that we can implement effective social strategies to reach your CSR goals alongside a financial return.

Who Is WemanConnect?

We inspire companies to do impact investing alongside a financial return and we give back to social and environmental issues with a percentage of our profit and resources

Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond donation to a good cause – it’s all about getting involved both locally and internationally to make a difference. We are not a non-for-profit organization, but giving something back is a cornerstone of our business. Our vision is to make a profit and help forward. Our mission is to inspire more businesses to give back with social strategies that can build a strong network of potential clients.

Rachel Man is the Founder of WemanConnect. Besides her active philanthropic activities for over a decade, she has an intensive 12 years of work experience at companies like Goldman Sachs, State Street Asset Management, Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts and at tech startup companies before starting her own social business. Why the name WemanConnect? The word woman has changed into weman as a form of unity, you and I, togetherness, or oneness and connect for a greater social impact. She used to earn a high corporate income with great benefits and bonusses, yet it didn’t give her the satisfaction that she was constantly seeking for, the purpose. She realized that being passionate in what you do is the result to a greater satisfaction at work. That’s how WemanConnect was born, with the purpose not just to bring more positivity and sustainability to the world, but also to give (more) purpose in people’s work. In the near future, she hopes to be helping more groups of people through the WemanConnect social programs. She is determined to make a change in the world that everyone wants to see.

Know how Rachel can help your business grow and make a positive impact, contact her through LinkedIn or