Rachel was born and raised in the Netherlands with family roots from Hong Kong. Growing up in a western society, and one of the most liberal countries in the world, she was blessed with countless opportunities and equality compare to her mother, although they have the same gender and racial background. Their parents met on their day of marriage without a choice and her mother had to quit school at a very young age as girls and women weren’t valued with an education in the Chinese culture back then. She strongly believes that one’s opportunity shouldn’t depend on where you were born, what your race, gender and or age is.

“My life would have been completely different if I were born and raised in the same village where my mother comes from and I am truly grateful of all the opportunities that I have had by growing up in the Netherlands. With my privilege, I want to provide equal opportunities to marginalized groups regardless of their race, gender, or background through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. Through WemanConnect, I want to create a sustainable world and equitable society; and to give a greater social purpose in people’s work.” Rachel Man, Founder and CEO of WemanConnect

The art of making ‘anything possible’ is the core driving force of our mission

When Rachel started building the free coding bootcamp on her own, she was often told that her idea was not realistic. Many software developers were skeptic about the possibility of finding jobs for people without any programming knowledge prior to a 3 months coding bootcamp. Some even said “more so, if they are women”.

Despite the obstacles along the way, she believed in her ability to succeed, not because she was confident that the idea wouldn’t fail, but because she believed that anything is possible. And once again, she has proved that anything is indeed possible.

Not only did Rachel make it a reality, the success went beyond her expectations. Even before the bootcamp was completed, 67% of her students had found a job in the tech industry. With a 91.6% success rate overall, Rachel not only improved the lives of young women and the gender gap in tech, she also gained new clients through the network of her social program. Her strategy works, and we are confident that we can implement effective social strategies to grow your business with a social purpose.


The dedicated person behind WemanConnect

Rachel Man is the Founder and CEO of WemanConnect. She has an extensive philanthropic background and work experience in the finance and technology industry for 15 years before starting her own social business.

What does WemanConnect stand for? The word weman represents a form of unity and connection for a greater social impact.

She wants to create a better future by empowering more companies to link its growth strategy with a social purpose. Together, she believes, we can make a huge positive impact and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. That’s how she started with WemanConnect, with the purpose not just to bring more equality and sustainability to the world, but also to give (more) purpose in people’s work. She is determined to make a change in the world that everyone wants to see.

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