What Is Social Impact?

Social impact is an effect on people, society, communities as a result of an action, collaboration, activity, project, program and or business policy. Normally, it relates to a company’s CSR ecosystem. Also, the impact that these activities deliver can be measurable. Greater impact results, such as sustainability, equality and diversity in society, require global collaborations and educating our communities with knowledge and opportunities to make a positive impact.

What Are The Benefits For Companies?

There is a vast increasing number of small and medium-sized companies that are committed to create social impact through business activities. What are the benefits for you to profit with social value?

  • Address social challenges to drive sustainable growth
  • Attract investors through profit-making with a social value
  • Gain and retain more clients who choose for companies that create social value
  • Improve employee engagement and purpose
  • Increase trust and revenues by making positive social impacts
  • Promote impactful dialogues with communities
  • Stimulate innovation through social impact business models

How Can We Help?

We provide social strategies and resources to plan, and launch socially beneficial projects. We help you meet your CSR goals, gain social brand recognition, improve employee engagement/retention & motivation, build your own corporate social responsibility programs and or volunteer with nonprofits.

  • Impact driven with purpose
  • Concept development across departments
  • Community partnership strategy
  • Connect marketing initiatives to social impact efforts