Why Choose WemanConnect?

Not only do we influence businesses to give back and design social strategic programs for growth. By hiring us as social impact consultants, you are contributing to our social mission that improves lives and bridges the gender gap in tech. Let us help you create a strategic social impact in your community that strives for business excellence. 

Our services are designed to strengthen social recognition, employee engagement and client prospecting. Our values are shaping a better future where we assist clients in business growth with a social impact and affirmation of social recognition. Generosity, your success is more important than for us to make a profit with the aim of quality over quantity. Pursuit of excellence, we will provide solutions to you with the most positive impact possible.


We design socially beneficial projects that help you meet your socially responsible (CSR) goals, improve employee engagement & motivation, and build social brand recognition.

  • Strategic Development
  • Project Management


We ensure employee engagement can be boosted through volunteering initiatives that connect your team members with each other and local nonprofits:

  • Staff Engagement & Motivation
  • Client Engagement & Prospecting


We will measure impact results through social innovation techniques. Our research contributes to social innovation and initiatives with growth potential.

  • Social Value Measurement
  • Social, Environmental & Economic Impact

Your business can be at any stage when thinking about CSR. Do you want to do it but don’t know where to start? Or are you absolutely new to CSR who have never thought about being socially responsible yet? Whichever stage you are at, contact us for a free consultation to better understand your needs or wishes to give back and let our expertise help you reach your CSR goals.

Are you interested in our services? Get in touch today to get your social impact started with us!