How Social Impact Can Help Blockchain Gain Customer Trust


The Blockchain technology is promising, however, many would argue that it has yet to mature. Security concerns also lead many people to not fully trust Blockchain systems yet. This emerging technology spurs both optimism and skepticism.  

Gain Customer Trust

Though, customer trust is crucial for business growth. What can Crypto and Blockchain companies do to eliminate the prior discussed doubts by the public? It goes without saying, through honesty, transparency, reliability, and competence. However, establishing a social purpose beyond its commercial interest is often overlooked by companies. Making a social impact could go a long way for building a reputation and social proof. 

Social Impact Results In Customer Trust

More CEOs globally believe that a positive social impact can help improve trust with all stakeholders – employees, the public, investors and beyond. A survey from YPO, the global community of chief executives, concluded that “polled CEOs mentioned how building trust internally and externally is both a priority and a challenge. A majority agreed that social contributions (outside the scope of the business) would be beneficial to broader trust.” In the last two decades, many business leaders put a greater value on being socially responsible and building trust among the public and employees. 

In order to gain more credibility and for more stakeholders to trust this emerging technology, we have to walk the walk. Below are just a few types of impactful social projects with blockchain technology. There are more possibilities to explore for crypto and blockchain companies, using its products or services, to drive social change while gaining customer trust. 

  • Bridging the gender gap in industries, jobs and companies.
  • Dismantling corruption in government services. 
  • Eliminating poverty in developing countries. 
  • Helping the Amazon Tribes.
  • Improving the lives of low-wage farmers.
  • Supporting the water crisis.
  • Supporting Climate Change with COP (Conference of the Parties).
  • Supporting Humanitarian projects on Human Rights / Equality. 

Evidently, blockchain can make a positive social impact by solving the world’s most critical and urgent issues. From fraud and risk reduction to reduced business costs and faster financial settlements alongside better accessibility, accountability, and transparency; blockchain is a one-stop solution for every area. 

Benefits For Customers And Businesses

Furthermore, blockchain technology has many benefits for customers and businesses. It is a powerful business tool, as it increases efficiency while it decreases costs. On a large-scale, blockchain can boost the recycling industry such as reducing waste, materials and reusing products to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect. The implementation of blockchain contributes tremendously towards a sustainable economic and social development. That unquestionably leads to improvements in business practices, both performance and ethical values. The utilization of blockchain will result in reduced environmental impact and increased customer trust due to its transparency and accountability. Therefore, arguably, blockchain deserves more credibility of all the positive impact it can make for customers, businesses, society and the environment.

There are many ways for you to make a positive social impact other than the traditional donations or corporate social responsibility programs. You can align social impact strategies with your business goals, values and resources. That means driving a social change and making a profit goes hand in hand for your company.


WemanConnect helps you link its company’s growth strategies with a social value. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at or what budget you have, provided that you want to drive social change alongside making a profit. Contact us for a free consultation and find out all the possibilities.